Friday, January 4, 2013

I haven't posted anything since September!
I'll try and post regularly again so here's a few things to start 2013.
(Some of the sites have appeared in previous posts).

Here are lots of listening links for you!
One of the best sites I've found!
Lots of You Tube videos of songs with subtitles.
From this page you can go to the current UK Top 10 (most of the songs have subtitles).
Copied from the site
The songs above are all taken from Some are new, some are old, some are the original videos and some have only the music track. All of them, however, have the lyrics, so click on your favourite song and sing along – it’s great fun, and excellent practice for your English!
(Note: Not all the lyrics may be correct! YouTube often removes videos. Please send us an e-mail to report any broken links)
This site’s got subtitled songs and lots of gap-fill exercises.
My tip is to learn the song by reading the subtitles.
Hear the song several times and then do the associated exercise if there is one.
Here's one to try.

Great site!

A couple more to try!

Lots of practice here!
Here's one example.
This site has the lyrics beside the video
One to try.
 And another!


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