Saturday, December 11, 2010

certain words ending in sure and sion

I have a friend studying That's English! Basic Level.
I was pleased to see that pronunciation is included in the book!
I looked at one page where a few words that had to be sorted into two groups.
One group had the /ʃ/ sound and the other the /ʒ/ sound.
The /ʃ/ sound is common so it's easy to show example words but the  /ʒ/ sound is not so easy to find.  As far as I know, the  /ʒ/ sound only ever appears within a word and never at the beginning or the end.
Many of these words have a sure or sion ending.   
Here are some examples.  There are others but these are ones you are more likely to see/use.
ending in sure:- 
closure, composure, disclosure, displeasure, enclosure, exposure, leisure, measure, pleasure, treasure. 
ending in sion:- 
collision, conclusion, corrosion, decision, errosion, exclusion, explosion, incision, inclusion, intrusion, invasion, persuasion, revision, supervision, television, transfusion, vision.
Note - Words ending in ssion do not have the /ʒ/ sound.

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