Friday, August 13, 2010

Odd Box - Friday the 13th

Yet more strange videos from around the world!
My favourites this week are the swimming pool in the dumpster (American English), skip (British English) and the naked roller coaster riders.
And now some questions for you!
video 10 Budhha
approximately how many people cleaned the Buddha?
video 9 Pirates
How many pirates broke the world record?
video 8 Art
Which country is the sculptor from?
video 7 Naked art
What did the black figures represent?
video 6 Pig noises
Where did the pig squealing competition take place?
video 5 Man in a dress
Which city does the man in a dress represent?
video 4 Babies!
Which days did the sisters have their babies?
video 3 Swimming pool
What exact words did the second girl say?
video 2 Swimming dogs
What word did Tulip, the presenter, use for dog?
video 1 Rollercoaster
How many people took part?

Why not send me your answers?

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