Monday, August 30, 2010

The alphabet

If you are a student in Spain you will soon be thinking of returning to school or university.
If you don't already know the English alphabet, here is a fun link to learn it NOW. 

To access the site:-
Click 'enter site'
choose English
Roll your mouse over 'open'
There's a user guide in Spanish
Choose menu to access the units.
click on 1º ESO
click on lexicon
click on alphabet
When you are happy thart you recognise the letter names and can also say the names stop doing the exercise.
*Revise it a few days later using 1º ESO click on 'easy', click on alphabet.


Use headphones if possible or choose a quiet place to listen.
Remember to search labels to find all the postings containing the word alphabet.
*If you don't get a good score go back to learning the alphabet in the lexicon section.

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