Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I set up this blog

I am a self-employed and qualified British teacher who believes that there any many excellent web pages to help students with all aspects of English.  Currently I send emails to my students with links that we have used in class.  Although this is an excellent way of sharing links, it only reaches a few people.   So................ I decided to set up this blog so that I can share links with many more people.
The links I post will be for British English.  This is because British English is taught in schools in Spain.
As some of my students are as young as seven it is important that they see British spelling, British vocabulary and British pronunciation. 
I will also recommend dictionaries or other books which I find useful and put links to British web pages where you can buy these books at excellent prices.
I hope you find this blog useful and that you share it with friends who are learning English.

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